Hot Slice

Case Study - Product Design


About the project

UX Designer

Project Duration
5 Months

Me, CEO, Marketing Lead, Product Manager

Figma, Asana

Hot Slice Prototype

Recognizing the Challenge

The Art of Building A Pizza

Hot Slice is a pizza customization app. It guides users toward building their own delicious pizza and ordering it for pick-up or delivery. I worked on this project as part of the Google Design Certificate program.

Why Redesign The Pizza Ordering Experience?

I started off with my pizza ordering experience. I always found it somewhat difficult and boring to build my own pizza from an app so my friends and I would have to reluctantly call the pizza shop to place a custom order over the phone. I knew this was my experience customizing a pizza so I wanted to conduct some user research to understand the challenge outside of my own assumptions and experience.


User Research

I interviewed a diverse group of 8 people to get a glimpse into what their goals and frustrations were when ordering pizzas online. Here are some questions I asked:

Q1. What did you like most and least about ordering a pizza online?

A1.“It’s hard for me to make a decision when ordering food because sometimes items don’t have images next to them.”

Q2. How frequently do you order pizza? When you do, what is your motivation for doing so?

A2. “I order pizza whenever we are busy and can’t cook for my family. It’s cheap, easy and everyone loves it.”

Four User Takeaways

  1. People are busy and looking for quick affordable food options that require no cooking
  2. When ordering food, people can get “hangry” and frustrated so it’s important to make the food ordering process quick and easy.
  3. People aren’t confident when ordering online because they don’t know if they are selecting what they actually want.
  4. People are more comfortable placing orders when food options have an image to visually confirm they are ordering the right thing.


The information I gathered for the persona was based on the research patterns found from our interviews.Ideation


How Might We…

I reframed user insights into opportunities for solutions using an ideation technique called “How Might We’s,” to ensure I’m producing solutions focused on the user’s needs. How might we...

  • Make the pizza customization a quick process for our hungry users?
  • Help users feel confident that they will receive exactly what they want?
  • Make the pizza customization process enjoyable and interactive?

Potential Solutions

I used the “How Might We” questions as a starting point to brainstorm solutions. After exploring several ideas, I decided to move forward with three of them: use illustrations for each pizza option to show users what they’ll be getting, show favorite and recent orders, and show each step of the pizza being created through illustrations.


Sketches, Wireframes, & High-Fidelity Designs

I quickly sketched out my ideas using the “Crazy 8” method then turned those sketches into wireframes. These lower fidelity designs made it easier to create the final designs.

Usability Testing

Testing The Design

I conducted five usability testing sessions. I provided them with scenarios and tasks. I observed their behavior when completing these tasks and asked questions about their decisions.


During the usability sessions, I discovered a few common patterns among users.

Pain Point 1: It was observed that 4 out of 5 users had a difficult time finding the “customized pizza” button. An insight we can draw from this is: users need a more intuitive way to access the “customize pizza” feature.

Iteration 1: Changed the color of the button, changed the order of the buttons, added icons to the button.

Pain Point 2: It was observed that 3 out of 5 users weren’t sure if they successfully placed their orders.  An insight we can draw from this is: users need better cues that their order has been successfully placed.

Iteration 2: Changed button text, added a “placing order” overlay screen, added an “order placed” overlay screen.

Pain Point 3: It was observed that 3 out of 5 users weren’t clear on what to do in the selection screens when customizing pizza. An insight we can draw from this is: it’s unclear that a selection needs to be made during the pizza customization process.

Iteration 3: Added “selection required,” added icon to indicate a selection is possible